About Nails

Conservative, creative, risk taker.

These are 3 terms that I live by and describe my online persona.  Politically I can be classified as a conservative, I don’t believe in debt, and I believe a man should be able to keep what he earns.  I fancy myself creative, considering that 99% of online marketing requires some sort of creative genius to produce content that others will be interested in reading or viewing.  Lastly, I’m a risk taker when it comes to business ventures.  I’ll spend money to make money and not be afraid to be an early adopter.  It doesn’t always pay off, but I always learn from it.

While I’m not an mobile developer, I’ve recently taken an interest in Android devices and modding my own devices.  My latest fixation is a Samsung Galaxy S3, flashed with Beans ROM.  I’m sure this information will be outdated almost immediately, but at least provides you with some of my current interests.

Online Frequency

Often times you will find me bothering a number of forums, where I learn, share, and generally use it as an excuse not to get work done.

In addition, I get most of my news from online.

That’s all for now and I hope you enjoy my little piece of the internets.  If you have any further questions regarding myself or my work online, please feel free to contact me.

*Updated 12/19/12 – Updated some info, since people grow.

*Updated 3/24/09 – Added a bit more description about how I view myself.

*Updated 3/20/09 – Added some ways for you to follow me if you so see fit.

*Updated 7/29/08 – Oh yeah, forgot I’m now 27 years old. 😉  The rest has remained pretty much unchanged, be sure to pay attention to my flickr feed for beautiful shots of my family.

6 thoughts on “About Nails”

  1. Well I’ve seen the Mustang on Invite Only and seen the website work, which looks good I might add, but where is a gallery of this fine restuarant equipment you speak of ?

  2. rofl ! I could post some fruit pitures from the orchards I work on and then you could post on how your equipment would mash / pulp / slice and dice them 😆

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