Thank You Wired Tree

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Well, after a few months of up and down, network problems, and poor customer service at ManageMyBox, I’ve finally settled in with my new host. has provided me exceptional customer service, follow up with my questions, setup my VPS, and all for a very reasonable price.  I’m using their VPS512 package for $59 per month, along with a nifty little coupon I found on the web, so it’s more like $40 per month.

This package has handled my handful of popular websites (1000k+ unique visitors per day) and all my slow sites (under 300 unique visitors per day).  There hasn’t been a slow down, hiccup, networking issue, nothing.  This is a huge load off of my mind, considering I was at my wits end with ManageMyBox where I was using a fully dedicated server.

Just goes to show you can save money by purchasing a good managed VPS over a crappy managed dedicated.  I’m looking forward to being a customer of WirdTree for years to come and hopefully will eventually need their highest tier web hosting option.  Until then, thanks, my blood pressure has finally dropped down to respectible levels.