WiredTree.com Offers Free Upgrades

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Just received a wonderful announcement today from my hosting provider WiredTree.com!  They will be bumping up everyone’s VPS plan for free.  So whichever tier you choose, the program you choose will automatically be upgraded to the specs of the tier above yours.

Dear Valued WiredTree VPS Client,

We are pleased to announce we are upgrading VPS resources for all existing customers! We will be phasing out our VPS384 plan and we will be introducing a VPS1024 plan as our new high-end VPS plan. Every VPS plan will be shifted up a step from the plan it is on currently. For example, if you have a VPS384 currently, you will be upgraded to our new VPS512. If you have a VPS768 you will be upgraded to our VPS1024. This “level up” will be occurring for all current VPS customers, and the best part? Your rates will remain the same!

We have invested thousands of dollars over the past few months upgrading our infrastructure to support these increased allocations to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. These upgrades will be performed throughout the rest of the month and you will receive a personalized email when your VPS has been upgraded letting you know your new resources. Nearly every client will receive a memory and bandwidth upgrade and some will receive a disk space upgrade as well. Again, you will receive a personalized email for each VPS you have during the next couple of weeks with specific details on what has been upgraded on your account. There will not be any downtime required to perform the upgrade either!

I can’t exclaim enough how much happier I am now that I’ve switched to them as a hosting provider.  WiredTree.com is heads and shoulders above the type of service and uptime I was receiving from ManageMyBox.com, good riddance.

Thank You Wired Tree

Start your own Web Hosting Company.  View this complete, step by step blue print to starting a web hosting company.

Well, after a few months of up and down, network problems, and poor customer service at ManageMyBox, I’ve finally settled in with my new host.  WiredTree.com has provided me exceptional customer service, follow up with my questions, setup my VPS, and all for a very reasonable price.  I’m using their VPS512 package for $59 per month, along with a nifty little coupon I found on the web, so it’s more like $40 per month.

This package has handled my handful of popular websites (1000k+ unique visitors per day) and all my slow sites (under 300 unique visitors per day).  There hasn’t been a slow down, hiccup, networking issue, nothing.  This is a huge load off of my mind, considering I was at my wits end with ManageMyBox where I was using a fully dedicated server.

Just goes to show you can save money by purchasing a good managed VPS over a crappy managed dedicated.  I’m looking forward to being a customer of WirdTree for years to come and hopefully will eventually need their highest tier web hosting option.  Until then, thanks, my blood pressure has finally dropped down to respectible levels.