Advertise.MySpace Sucks

Maybe the title is an unfair assesment of the new self advertising medium MySpace is now providing.  I mean, I’ve yet to actually see the results from the network, since my ad has been pending approval since Sept 24th!  That’s going on 13 days that my ad block has been setting in the hold bin pending approval.

Completely and utterly unacceptable.

Furthermore I contacted them, letting them know how long it had been and looking for some sort of indication when I could expect the campaign to run.  I was responded to within 24 hours, but no real information was given, only that they had a back log, sorry.  Such terrible execution of what could have been and may in the future be a good program.  For now and in the immediate future I will be taking my business elsewhere, it’s obvious MySpace doesn’t want nor need my advertising dollars for now.

Maybe I would have saved some time had I snail mailed my ads to them with an out-of-state check.

Snail Mail
Snail Mail