Bad Behavior Blocking PayPal Callback

PayPal IPs were being blocked by the Bad Behavior WordPress plugin, this article will discuss what I did to combat the problem.

I’ve been struggling with registration spam on one of my retail websites.  Currently it’s running a shop based on WordPress, so I have access to a plethora of plugins to assist with this issue.  I had been using Stop Spammer Registrations, along with re-Captcha, which only worked for so long.  Somehow the spammers just keep getting through, so I took the next step to fortify with Bad Behavior.

Bad Behavior is a WordPress plugin that helps stop spammers before they even access your site.  To assist the plugin, it makes a call out to the http:BL API, which is available for free.  Once you get the API setup, simply copying it into the plugin is the extent of the setup for normal operation.  However, I ran into an issue with getting my transactions confirmed, because I believe it is blocking the callback IP from PayPal.

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Cannot Contact Akismet Servers

Was making up some content posts for a few of my blogs and was greeted by an Akismet error within my WordPress Dashboard.  Annoyingly this error was showing up at the top of every single Dashboard page, not just the plugin or home page.  I had assumed that it was just a problem on Akismet’s end and apparently I was right.

After getting the error for about 15 minutes I figured out that my server was unable to contact any of the 5 servers operated by the Akismet spam plugin.  Once I manually checked the servers, via a button at the bottom of the troubleshooting page, everything went back to normal and there were no more errors.

Simple annoyance, no issues, and spam still seems in check.

According to the Akismet website they have reportedly stopped over 11 billion spam comments.  Unsettling however is the figure that only 83% were actual spam.  No doubt Akismet is the best solution to fight spam, but consider that as of this posting Akismet has made over 913 million errors.  Internet wide, but still a good reminder to always check your spam moderation que, you might have some worthwhile comments.