Google Sites and Google Friend Connect

So Google has just released one of their better social networking applications and we can’t even use it on their official Sites pages?  As of this posting there is no way to integrate Google Friend Connect gadgets on Google Sites pages.

I’m working on a few pages that would greatly benefit from having their ‘Share This’ gadget, along with member signups, and newsletter confirmations.  However, the current state of Google Sites prohibits the use of any code that requires javascript, other than their Adsense which can be added into the sidebar.

The Google Friend Connect code can be added via the html function of Google Sites, but the user is greeted with a warning that the potentially dangerous code will be removed upon viewing.  A la, no more working Google Friend Connect on Google Sites.

I’m not the only one upset that Friend Connect won’t work with Sites.  A thread on the official Sites Forum has over 43 posts from people looking to add Friend Connect to their personal Google Site pages.  The reason it hasn’t been integrated yet, my best guess is that they were too busy copying Twitter to come up with Buzz!.