Frustrating Realization

People are asshats. As I type this simple and to the point message I can’t help but wonder, is asshat one word or two? Also, do the asshats of the net know that they are asshats? Are they aware that the weight of their impact online could be measured on gnat balls?

Too many questions, not enough frequent postings, I’m sorry. The reason for this post was to let loose a little tension I’ve been under recently over comments made back and forth on social networking sites like Reddit and Digg. There are simply too many idiots with an internet connection that think everything is a conspiracy, the government hates them, the US is the devil, and Hillary Clinton is gonna fix it all.

As I type this I feel another patch of hair coming loose.

I’ll hopefully get back to my normal posts soon, after all it’s a new year and time for a new me. Later.