How To Only Offer United States As Shipping Option In ShopperPress

If you are like me, you only want to offer shipping to the United States.  Unfortunately, despite all the positives behind Shopperpress, there is just no intuitive way to limit the countries available during checkout.  However, there is a simple fix, it just requires the editing of a single file.

1. Find _countrylist.php, which is located in the shopperpress theme folder.

2. Simply delete all the lines of code including other countries, except for the US and the first option, that sets the value at 0.

3. Save the file and replace the existing _countrylist.php with your edited one.

The reason we keep the very first line of code within the php file is to force a choice by the user.  By selecting the US, even though that’s their only option, it will still bring up the drop down menu for state selection.  This seemed to be the easiest and most fluid option for checkout and disallow other countries.  I simply cannot ship to Pakistan for the same price I ship to Illinois. 😉