Building an Amazon Store with Premium Press

I’ve been using PremiumPress for the past 3 years for one of my physical product resale websites.  It has some weaknesses, that really only started showing their nasty heads once my business started to grow.  Now, this year, with over 1,000 transactions, it’s straining.  But I don’t blame the software itself, I blame the fact that the creator has refused to upgrade from 6.xx to the newest 7.xx version.  Meaning the only way to use the new and improved and more versatile 7.xx versions is to do a fresh install.  No thanks.

So, today, I started playing around with building a new website where I would affiliate for Amazon products, specifically 3D TV Glasses.  Going through the motions of important products directly from Amazon, tweaking layouts, and adding some content will give me the opportunity to practice with the latest version of Premium Press.  So far, I’ve been wildly impressed, especially with the ability to import products.

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