Heartworm Preventative Medicine at Petsmart

Nope, there is none, so don’t bother looking for 30 minutes because there are no sales people on the floor.  I rushed into my local Petsmart to pickup 2 items on Sunday, which included flea preventative drops and heart worm preventative meds for my dog.  How is it possible that a pet specialized shopping center the size of Home Depot doesn’t carry preventative heart worm medicine?

Furthermore I still can’t find a link to the medicine even on their online site.  What is the problem with this picture, is there some radical movement within the pet medicine infrastructure that I don’t know about?  Does this have anything to do with animal Obamacare?  I hope not.

At any rate, this may have been an isolated incident at a local Petsmart, but be warned, there was no place on the shelf for such simple medicine that every dog owner needs.