Gmail Sticking On Load Screen In Chrome

Google Chrome has refused to open gMail for the past few weeks, however loading in basic html has solved the problem.  This is not my ideal fix and frankly frustrating since Chrome was built by the same folks over at Google who created gMail.  Why can’t your products just work together?  Well, they should, so I immediately started blaming my new Chrome extensions, like Google Mail Checker.

After disabling, uninstalling, and generally tweaking I decided that the gMail Checker extension for Chrome was not the culprit.  The problem can best be described as some sort of loop issue when gMail loads, causing the load screen to stick.  This problem can be solved by clearing Chrome’s cache.

To clear Chrome’s cache:

  1. Left click the Tools drop down menu. (The Tools drop down menu is indicated by a wrench icon in the top right corner of your browser.)
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select the Personal tab.
  4. Under Browsing Data, select Clear browsing data…
  5. Select the Cache check box.
  6. Select Everything, from the drop down menu.
  7. Finally click the Clear Browsing Data button.

After following these steps I’ve been able to successfully open gMail in my Chrome browser.  I’ve also been able to use the gMail Checker extension, without causing any issues.  Hope this helps your problem as well.

Chrome gMail Errors

I’m guilty of giving the latest beta release of Google Chrome a go and I’m glad I did.  However, there is one glaring problem when using the Chrome browser with my daily needs, I get an error message when opening gMail.  Ok, maybe that’s not the only problem, but one of the bigger ones.  I guess it’s also annoying that I get a warning https message when trying to open up Adsense as well, but we’ll save that for another post.

Google Chrome Version gives me an error message when opening Google gMail, stating that some functions will not be enabled.  It’s also suggested that I use the basic html version of gMail.  I don’t think so.

Although this poster is not me, here is a link to the Chrome gMail error message on the Mozillazine support forums.  This leads me to believe that it’s an issue with my new gMail notifier extension for Chrome.  I’m using Google Mail Checker v1.2.

If the Google Mail Checker V1.2 extension is the problem, then I’m willing to live with it until a patch comes out.  Not having plugins or extensions is what has kept me from using Google Chrome in the past, so they are finally coming around.  What are your experiences with the new Google Chrome or what extensions do you recommend?