PayPal Charges $1.00 For Updating Credit Card

PayPal charges $1.00 for updating credit card info, but then immediately cancels the transaction. In this case, it still showed up on my bank statement.

My credit card I had linked to my PayPal account was recently about to expire.  Therefore, I went in and updated my information, which in this case was simply changing the expiration date on the Mastercard.

I noticed on my bank statement that I was charged a $1.00 fee from PayPal, however there were no details.  Usually, when authorizing a credit card with PayPal they notify you that there will be a small charge, accompanied by a 4 digit number to confirm.  This allows you to prove that the card is in fact yours.  I was not notified of a charge, nor where there any codes to enter into PayPal or attached to the transaction.

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