Conservative Comments Buried In Liberal Fecal Matter

Ok, so I’m tired of my comments being buried in liberal shit at places like Digg, Reddit, and pretty much any other social networking site on the web. Are you kidding me, just because there are more libs on sites like these doesn’t mean what I have to say needs to be shit canned. (In some cases completely deleted at Reddit) So is the birth of my latest creation…

I’ve started for my comments to have a place to set, to be viewed, to be discussed on sites that have an agenda other than mine. It’s a place for like minded individuals to help turn the tides, raise diggs, points, or whatever so that our views will not be lost in the noise. It’s my soap box if you will and I’ll be screaming as loudly as possible and try to remain coherent.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to add your own comments, with a link so that I can help digg or +point for you too. – think about it.