Chrome Extensions Are Lacking

Google Chrome ExtensionsGoogle Chrome has offered me a roller coaster of emotions since it’s release in September 2008.  I embraced Google’s latest endeavor and hint at an OS with open arms, but quickly fell back on tried and true FireFox.  Since then they have released updates that have complicated Chrome’s functionality and as of late fixed most of what frustrated me about it in the first place.  Now, I set here before you, happy and proud that Google Chrome is my primary browser for both work and play.

Since Google has updated Chrome to allow popups for domains, it’s found a permanent fixture on my work PC.  No longer must I fight with FireFox’s memory leaks and slow to open windows.  As of late I’ve also found myself feasting on Chrome’s ability to use Extensions, which the lack of was a shortfall at launch in 2008.  But, early on in the development stage, quality extensions are few and far between.

Currently I’m only using 3 different Chrome Extensions, which include FasterChrome, Google Mail Checker, and Webpage Screenshot.  It’s better than nothing, but they still struggle to meet the sophistication and tweekability found in FireFox addons.  According to developers, it’s Google’s fault for the way they allow access to their code.  To be honest, it’s all lost over my head, I just know what I can use and what I hate.

Taking a quick look through the top Chrome Extensions proves that there isn’t enough competition in the marketplace.  Extensions like ibrii are attempting to farm user information in exchange for their Extension services and an Extension called Nothing is ranked #7 as most installed.  Nothing does just as advertised by the way, man I love dry humor on the internet.

After browsing off of the 1st page of Top Chrome Extensions the pickings start getting real thin.  I’ve tested a few, but none seem to offer exactly as advertised, or are buggy, or are just not as useful as you’d hope, or all the above.  But I’m not discouraged yet, I’ve got the extensions I need for adequate use as a primary browser both at work and at home.

It wouldn’t be fare to expect as much out of Chrome as what FireFox has to offer, which as been around much longer.  However, I see a changing of the guard in the next 2 years, where FireFox may be ousted as the 2nd most used web browser.  I for one welcome competition in the market place, while keeping my lips wet thinking of a full blown Google OS.