Hard Times In Evansville

The economy is obviously affecting everyone, so ingenuity, creativity, and some sort of other ‘ity’ is required to stay afloat.  I was visited at my work by a local restaurant startup owner, whom was touting his wares and business as a family oriented delivery restaurant.

“Family Oriented”, was repeatedly stressed by this middle aged man of color.  My guess is because my employeement is in the rough end of town, so suspicions run high of anyone offering anything.  One thing I do have to give this guy, he had creativity on his side and was not going to let a down economy stop him from getting the word out about his new startup.

He dropped off the menu pictured below.

Everyday Menu
Everyday Menu

Living In Southern Indiana

You may or may not realize it, or care for that matter, but I live in Southern Indiana.  I live in a city of about 130,000 called Evansville.  I’ve been living here since late 1999 and to be honest, I love it, I just don’t love the house I live in, but that’s another story.

Since I’ve had my daughter, which is now 18 months old, I’ve been looking for things to do around town.  Normally my evenings and weekends we be used up drinking, partying, or generally lounging around, but now I want to expose my daughter to the great things the city of Evansville have to offer.  As it turns out, there is quite a bit to do.

The Evansville Zoo offeres all kinds of events that are fun for everyone.  My daughter loves the animals and it makes for a great afternoon.  Evansville also has the Children’s Museum of Evansville, which so happens offers a free night once a month.  This is very enticing and at the beginning of March I took my family.  We had a great time and it was FREE!

I just can’t imagine living anywhere else at this point in time.  Although, my wife would argue the closer to Disney World, the better.

Stupid Hippies

I found out via our local news yesterday that a group of hippies were protesting the construction of I-69, the new interestate that would essentially connect Evansville, IN to Indianapolis, IN.  Apparently they decided to climb up in some trees and camp out in hopes to keep the giant land leveling machines from doing their job. pfft, stupid hippies.  Yes, they were all arrested.

Well, these dirty followers were not happy, so what did they do the next day they were released on bail?  They went to the office building of the engineering company responsible for the construction and busted out a number of their windows.  Basically they went all neanderthal chucked rocks like a freakin monkey in anger.  What did this change?  Lol, nothing and I hope they die from whatever animal they are trying to save attacking them.

I can’t help but ask myself how these 15-20 twentysomethings find time to protest and throw rocks at buildings.  I mean, do they not have jobs?  They can’t, at least full time ones, and still have the time to follow someone who pretends to have a big heart.  It’s like a cult, Scientology, or any other week minded group of people looking to find the shortest distance between their shitty existence and making a difference.