Interview With Trent Reznor

Digg Dialog’s 4th installment was with Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor.  Judging by the name of the blog, it’s obvious that I would have an interest with what Reznor has to say about the current state of the music industry, distribution, and most importantly what lies ahead with NIN.  Some of the questions I felt were ho-hum, but that’s what you get with a system like Digg that requires votes and popularity to make it into the top 10.

Even if you’re not a fan of NIN, chances are you’ve heard what he’s been doing for music distribution.  This was talked about a little with Reznor during the interview, but seemed to be highly edited and cut short for time reasons.

It’s obvious that the man behind the songs that originally drew me to NIN has grown up, so to speak.  Closer, Reptile, Terrible Lie, and even some of the tracks from his Fragile album seem to be a distant past.  I would have preferred to hear what he has to say about the genre of music he’s currently releasing and if there will ever be a throw back to what originally excited me about a new NIN release.

Troublesome, would best describe my feelings at the end of the Digg interview with Reznor.  Nothing was said that we didn’t already know, except for the cute story about blaring unexpected music before a show.  Furthermore, Reznor indicated that NIN would be going away soon, but not saying for how long.  I suspect the latest tour schedule has finally started taking it’s toll on the now 43 year old influential rocker.

Oh well, as long as he never goes back down in it.

Conservative Comments Buried In Liberal Fecal Matter

Ok, so I’m tired of my comments being buried in liberal shit at places like Digg, Reddit, and pretty much any other social networking site on the web. Are you kidding me, just because there are more libs on sites like these doesn’t mean what I have to say needs to be shit canned. (In some cases completely deleted at Reddit) So is the birth of my latest creation…

I’ve started for my comments to have a place to set, to be viewed, to be discussed on sites that have an agenda other than mine. It’s a place for like minded individuals to help turn the tides, raise diggs, points, or whatever so that our views will not be lost in the noise. It’s my soap box if you will and I’ll be screaming as loudly as possible and try to remain coherent.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to add your own comments, with a link so that I can help digg or +point for you too. – think about it.

Frustrating Realization

People are asshats. As I type this simple and to the point message I can’t help but wonder, is asshat one word or two? Also, do the asshats of the net know that they are asshats? Are they aware that the weight of their impact online could be measured on gnat balls?

Too many questions, not enough frequent postings, I’m sorry. The reason for this post was to let loose a little tension I’ve been under recently over comments made back and forth on social networking sites like Reddit and Digg. There are simply too many idiots with an internet connection that think everything is a conspiracy, the government hates them, the US is the devil, and Hillary Clinton is gonna fix it all.

As I type this I feel another patch of hair coming loose.

I’ll hopefully get back to my normal posts soon, after all it’s a new year and time for a new me. Later.