Nails and Ticket Sales

I’m sure by now anyone interested in Trent Reznor would have already seen his forum post on the state of concert ticket sales.  Specifically his hate of scalpers and the monopoly of such companies as Ticketmaster pandering to such low lifes, artificially inflating ticket prices.

So, I did some checking on my own, specifically for his concert coming up in May in Indianapolis.  The concert will be at the previously known as Deer Creek, which is an outdoor venue.  On StubHub most tickets are already averaging close to $100 each for freaking lawn tickets.  WTF, what are these people thinking?

Trent, thanks for speaking out and helping to make concert going an affordable outing for your fans.  I’ve signed up to the NIN Website and hope to get my hands on some presale tickets direct.  To hell with the low lifes that feel it’s ok to sell out a concert and make their own markup.  Fight the machine.