And Butterfly Marketing

More often than not curiosity gets the best of me, just like my kitty Halo, but I hate giving up any personal information to potential spammers. The ugly truth to Butterfly Marketing is that they will use and abuse your email for sending you time sensitive offers. I’m not interested in that. I want to know the meats and potatoes, methods used, how to compete, and just generally find out what’s going on in my niche of choice.

The use of allows me to give up an email and check said inbox for a period of up to 24hrs. I can set any email address I want, like or and both will work and receive emails, less attachments. Now, I can sign up to questionable marketing sites, find out what they have to offer and leave without ever having to receive another annoying piece of failed marketing.

Thank you Pirate Bay for another useful tool in my arsenal.