Keyword Tracking

I’ve used a number of keyword trackers, which indicate your ranking in SERPs(Search Engine Results Page). However, the service that offers the fastest results and unlimited keywords is Digital Points own free tool.

The Keyword Ranking Monitor will record your results on a daily basis across Yahoo, Google, and MSN. In addition to providing your rank it is also able to track your results in a graph and did I mention it was FREE.

If your considering doing any SEO, then this tool is a must have. It definatley helps qualify your efforts, instead of just guessing at traffic. Be sure to check out what else they have over there as well, more goodies than you can shake a stick at. One word of warning, use their Free Advertising at your own risk.

Text-Link-Ads Code Update

Just a friendly reminder to all of those who use Text-Link-Ads to monetize their websites to update their publisher code. You may remember back to last week when they were having problems with their system, several individuals received emails in error. Perhaps this is the fix to the internal updates they were doing.

Nevertheless, login to your account and get your ad code, it’s time to update. Hopefully (The email supports this.) these updates will be very few and extremely far between…such a pain, especially whenever you are doing it for sites that don’t have any adspots sold.

Text Link Ads

Text-Link-Ads Problems

This afternoon, roughly 30 minutes ago I received an email stating that my stating that they were having problem accessing the advertising code on my blogs. This message also confirmed that it had not communicated properly for the past 48 hours, therefore was being removed from their inventory.

Typically, this would not matter, but I just started selling some of my inventory. My concern was that my sponsors would back out and it would be another wait before I sold space on Text-Link-Ads.

For those of you who are not aware of their program, sells text links on your site. Your site is added to a searchable inventory and managed accordingly. Text-Link-Ads splits the sale with you 50/50, so if a link spot was sold for $14 per month, you would actually only earn $7.

In addition to providing a great text link market, they also have a phenomenal affiliate program. For every publisher or customer that’s referred, TLA pays out a flat $25. So far I’ve been quite successful with their program and I’d recommend others to check it out.

Fixing Line Through Post Title

This theme has been absolutely phenomenal and covers everything I’m looking for in terms of a good wordpress theme. However, there was one problem with it’s layout, on multiple posts during the day it would cause the post titles to be crossed out by the dividing lines. I’ve came up with a simple fix.

First, make sure your theme files are writable, so that you can edit them through the dashboard. Next, find a section of code in the Main Index Template that looks like this:

After this line simply add a paragraph tag:

Now there only be slight spacing between daily posts and there will be enough so that multiple post titles are not crossed through with the dotted line. I hope this helps and is satisfactory to the other theme users, if you have any questions please post here.