Getting Bored With Thunderbird

I’ve been using Thunderbird as my primary Email program at work for the past 5 years and it’s been annoying me as of late.  There have been a handful of tasks I was looking to accomplish, namely archiving which is becoming a pain in the ass.  Sure, some of it is my fault, but isn’t it the job of great software developers to create quality solutions to consumer mess ups?

Oddly enough I can’t even find a usable plugin or Mozilla Add On that allows me to easily archive all my messages.  And trust me, at over 3200, the time for archiving has came and went, I have no choice.  Searching through all of those emails is an exercise in futility, especially considering most searches are using similar search texts and it’s only their recency that’s important.  Perhaps if I had a higher powered computer this wouldn’t have become an issue, but it is.

thunderbirdSo I’ve taken the step most Thunderbird users have when wanting to archive emails, I’ve created folders and began manually dragging and dropping.  Or, specifically I’ve been highlighting and right clicking and selecting to move my messages to their respective manually created folders.  However, this just doesn’t feel like a valid way to archive, since the messages are still held within the email program.  There needs to be a method for archiving in the sense that they are removed from the Thunderbird’s tentacles and easily zipped up and stored nicely away on my 60gb hard drive shelf. (yes, small hard drive at work. -cldnails)

I’m manually archiving now and storing years into folders, hoping to speed up the software and more importantly Thunderbird search.  Unfortunately I may have to archive manually even further by creating monthly archive folders, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it won’t come to that.  But even worse, if this doesn’t adequately improve my Thunderbird experience it may be time to go back to Outlook and it’s automatic archiving features.  Gasp!

Adsense Notifier Update And Others

Please, for the love of all that is holy, Add-On developers please keep your FireFox add-ons up to date.  I’m tired of going several weeks without my Adsense Notifier, Live Page Rank, and others.  Not to mention those of you who are selling paid versions of add-ons should make it priority one to get updates rolled out as soon as a new browser version is available.  At least tried and true Gmail Notifier is still functional.

Currently I’m setting on Affiliate Espionage, waiting for a new version to be released so that it will work with Fire Fox 3.5.1.   And yes, I can hear all you naysayers, I should have waited to upgrade my browser.  But I would ask why?  Updates and upgrades are not a surprise and constant development is what I’ve come to expect from quality online utilities.  At most I should have to wait no more than 24 hours for a stable version to be released, with perhaps subsequent bug fixes for the next few months.  However, I’ve lost all use of a handful of plugins that I rely on, rant over. Offers Free Upgrades

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Just received a wonderful announcement today from my hosting provider!  They will be bumping up everyone’s VPS plan for free.  So whichever tier you choose, the program you choose will automatically be upgraded to the specs of the tier above yours.

Dear Valued WiredTree VPS Client,

We are pleased to announce we are upgrading VPS resources for all existing customers! We will be phasing out our VPS384 plan and we will be introducing a VPS1024 plan as our new high-end VPS plan. Every VPS plan will be shifted up a step from the plan it is on currently. For example, if you have a VPS384 currently, you will be upgraded to our new VPS512. If you have a VPS768 you will be upgraded to our VPS1024. This “level up” will be occurring for all current VPS customers, and the best part? Your rates will remain the same!

We have invested thousands of dollars over the past few months upgrading our infrastructure to support these increased allocations to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. These upgrades will be performed throughout the rest of the month and you will receive a personalized email when your VPS has been upgraded letting you know your new resources. Nearly every client will receive a memory and bandwidth upgrade and some will receive a disk space upgrade as well. Again, you will receive a personalized email for each VPS you have during the next couple of weeks with specific details on what has been upgraded on your account. There will not be any downtime required to perform the upgrade either!

I can’t exclaim enough how much happier I am now that I’ve switched to them as a hosting provider. is heads and shoulders above the type of service and uptime I was receiving from, good riddance.

Cannot Contact Akismet Servers

Was making up some content posts for a few of my blogs and was greeted by an Akismet error within my WordPress Dashboard.  Annoyingly this error was showing up at the top of every single Dashboard page, not just the plugin or home page.  I had assumed that it was just a problem on Akismet’s end and apparently I was right.

After getting the error for about 15 minutes I figured out that my server was unable to contact any of the 5 servers operated by the Akismet spam plugin.  Once I manually checked the servers, via a button at the bottom of the troubleshooting page, everything went back to normal and there were no more errors.

Simple annoyance, no issues, and spam still seems in check.

According to the Akismet website they have reportedly stopped over 11 billion spam comments.  Unsettling however is the figure that only 83% were actual spam.  No doubt Akismet is the best solution to fight spam, but consider that as of this posting Akismet has made over 913 million errors.  Internet wide, but still a good reminder to always check your spam moderation que, you might have some worthwhile comments.

Affiliate Espionage For FireFox 3.5 Released

I jumped the gun and updated my Fire Fox browser a little early, before letting all my plugins get up to date.  Unfortunately Affiliate Espionage is one of those plugins that failed to be ready immediately.  The good news is that they announced this morning that the latest update is ready for download, meaning Affiliate Espionage will now work with Fire Fox 3.5.

How To Update Affiliate Espionage

To update simply look for updates in your Tools>AddOns>Extensions tab of your version 3.5 FF Browser.  Everything else should be automated.

Please click here for my Affiliate Espionage Review.

Star Craft Universe Beta Tester

It’s been about a month now since I signed up to opt-into the beta test of the upcoming Starcraft 2.  Unfortunately, I think that I was one of 1 million that signed up, making my attempt futile at best.  Or, there may not be any beta testing going on quite yet…not for sure.

I just started playing the first StarCraft a few months ago and fell in love.  It’s no wonder this game has garnered such a following, especially over in Korea.  Of course all this does is make me foam at the mouth at the possibility of getting to play the next gen RTS as soon as possible.  To make matters worse, I don’t even think a release date has been metioned for StarCraft 2.

At any rate, just a reminder for anyone interested in helping Blizzard beta test upcoming software, be sure to log into your account and opt-in to any beta opportunities you wish.  But don’t call them, they’ll call you. Beta Profile

Farm Town Reminded Me Of Sim Farm

Sim Farm

Usually I’m not the type of person to interact with anyone on Facebook.  Generally you’ll find me accepting friend requests and then a few times a month looking at peoples pictures, just to see what they have been up to.  However, my wife is a completely different bird, always updating, and constantly playing the flash games available.  The latest game she started playing was Farm Town and she dragged me right along for the ride.

Farm Town was created by a company called Slash Key and contains the basic elements of what made Sim Farm, developed in 1993 so much fun.  It’s all about planting crops, developing a plan, and trying to earn enough money to purchase the Mansion instead of the run down shack you start out with.  Thanks to my wife, I am now playing it almost as much as she is and find myself logging into Facebook just to check on my crops to see if they need harvesting.

Farm Town is not nearly as complicated as Sim Farm was and the options are fairly limited.  Furthermore the creators of Farm Town have integrated a leveling system to keep players logging in and interacting.  Usually experience points are awarded for helping out on friends farms, planting crops, or plowing fields.  To really start moving through the levels though takes coins, which you will use to purchase buildings and fences.  Everytime you buy a higher level item you gain massive amounts of experience points, then the process starts all over again.

Sim Farm

Well, thanks to this friendly reminder of how much a farm simulation can be, I decided to hunt down Sim Farm.  Thanks to the interwebs you can still find this abandonware available for free download, but requires some serious tweaking to play on a new computer.  DosBox came in handy and after figuring out it’s install I was ready to start playing Sim Farm again for the first time in 16 years.

The only problem I’ve ran into when running Sim Farm on Vista through DosBox is the window size.  It tried tweaking the config file as suggested on the wiki’s, but still no luck.  The solution I use, but causes some graphical errors, is to alt-enter, which plays in full screen mode.  Generally this works, but from time to time will cause everything briefly look like  a lake.  Small price to pay. 🙂

Twitter Maintenance Downtime

How am I supposed to twit about the maintenance on Twitter if Twitter is down?

We will have 90 mins of maintenance starting at 9:45p Pacific today, June 15.

Also, I’m still not throughly convinced that the proper speek is not Twat instead of Twit.  And lastly, I’m working on a through Twatting how-to article to get the most out of your blog posts and help reach the Twitter target audience.  It’s gonna be easy and utilize just a couple of Word Press Plugins.  BRB

Upgrade SMF 1.1.8 to 1.1.9

SimpleMachinesForum script has released an update to 1.1.8 which addresses some security and bug issues.  Furthermore if you are one of those living on the bleeding edge, there is also an update to the latest Release Client 2.0 RC1-1.

The upgrade process from 1.1.8 to 1.1.9 was easier than expected and was a breeze compared to other forum software that I’ve used.  Literally 2 clicks later the update was applied without any issues.  To make sure you are using the latest version of the SMF forum software log into your admin panel and follow the prompts.

Like any other website script available, always stay up to date.  There are plenty of nasty script kiddies that love to wreak havoc on online communities, no matter how popular they are.

How To Allow Pop Ups In Chrome

FireFox allows you to do it, Internet Explorer allows you to do it, but guess what?  There is no function within Google Chrome to give permission to a website to automatically allow popups.  This means, that every time you try to open an external PDF, login screen, or game on some websites you are forced to click the allow button everytime.

This would seem like a no brainer to fix, almost immediately after launch.  But here we are, months after Chrome’s initial release and there has yet to be a patch for this.  Furthermore, I’m still waiting on Chrom Add-Ons that helped drive FireFox’s p0ularity.  Unfortunately the lack of addons and now the lack of ability to allow popups based on domain have sealed the deal for me.  It will be awhile before I start my Chrome browser up again anytime soon.

Also, if you feel like giving Google an ear full, drop a line over at their complaint department.  There are plenty of other people pissed off that there is no way to allow popups in Google Chrome.

*Update – Google Now Allows Popup Authorization to Websites, How To Allow Popups In Chrome