Antique Christmas

Yes, I’m already thinking about Christmas, mainly because my wife makes me.  Seriously, we will be decorating our house a full week before Thanksgiving, inside and out, with Christmas decorations and tidings of joy.  But this year, we plan on doing a vintage look with our interior decorating and adding a  possible tradition to our new family.  We’re planning on buying antique Christmas Ornaments for display on our shelves and to decorate our tree.

Since my daughter will be able to enjoy Christmas this year more than last year, since she’s only 13 months old, we’re hoping this is a tradition we can continue.  A tradition where we purchase each other an inexpensive antique ornament to add to the display and tree every year.  My wife loves the idea, mainly because she’s such a tradition fanatic, but it also fits in with our tight budget rounding out the end of 2008.

Emma’s First Birthday Party

My daughter turned one last Thursday, so on Sunday we had a big get together for her.  All in all there were a total of 31 people at my small house, with a few activties going on and Emma being passed around between everyone.  There was some corn hole playing, lots of cake eating, and of course taking turns playing with Emma and her new toys outside.

I know Emma won’t remember it, but we have plenty of pictures and video to remind her when she is old enough.  We are truly blessed that so many people care and love her amongst our family and friends.

Emma Turns One
Emma Turns One

Please check out her full 1st Birthday Gallery via my Picasa Album.

Batman Begins Again

I’ll finally get an opportunity to see the new Batman movie tomorrow night, The Dark Knight.  I’m super pumped considering the rest of my family and friends have already seen it and talked it up so much.  Hopefully my expectations won’t be too high, especially of the late Heath Ledger’s performance.

Thanks to the big networks soaking up any residual traffic they can, due to the blockbuster release, I got to see Batman Begins again on Sunday.  I believe it was TNT that was airing several Batman movies, including some of the older ‘comic’ style creations, which basically make me want to punch myself in the sack.

Did anyone else catch the spy pics of the batmobile?  I’ve yet to scope out any of the Bat Bike, which will hopefully be rooted in plausability just as much as the tumbler was.

Finally, I pray that Morgan Freeman gets some freakin narrating work in this next flick.

Stupid Hippies

I found out via our local news yesterday that a group of hippies were protesting the construction of I-69, the new interestate that would essentially connect Evansville, IN to Indianapolis, IN.  Apparently they decided to climb up in some trees and camp out in hopes to keep the giant land leveling machines from doing their job. pfft, stupid hippies.  Yes, they were all arrested.

Well, these dirty followers were not happy, so what did they do the next day they were released on bail?  They went to the office building of the engineering company responsible for the construction and busted out a number of their windows.  Basically they went all neanderthal chucked rocks like a freakin monkey in anger.  What did this change?  Lol, nothing and I hope they die from whatever animal they are trying to save attacking them.

I can’t help but ask myself how these 15-20 twentysomethings find time to protest and throw rocks at buildings.  I mean, do they not have jobs?  They can’t, at least full time ones, and still have the time to follow someone who pretends to have a big heart.  It’s like a cult, Scientology, or any other week minded group of people looking to find the shortest distance between their shitty existence and making a difference.

My Verizon Chocolate Sucks

Verizon Chocolate PhoneI found out about 2 years ago that my LG flip phone was not water proof or at least river proof.  Therefore I had to spring for a new phone and because I didn’t carry Verizon’s insurance I had to pay full tilt.  The Chocolate was the coolest thing out at the time, so I sprung for one of those, paying almost $300, and it was the worst $300 I’ve ever spent.

For about 2 weeks after the purchase the phone was great, but soon afterward the touch sensitive buttons reared their ugly heads.  Forget calling out when you are sweaty, forget sliding open the phone and not calling the first person on your contact list, and forget about playing MP3’s unless you purchase their $100 package for software and memory card.  I was pissed, but at least I had a phone again, which I protected with an insurance plan.

Finally a few months ago I got fed up and decided to call Verizon’s insurance company to see about getting a replacement.  I was informed that I was required to pay a $50 premium to qualify for a new phone, the same crappy Chocolate mind you.  That didn’t set well with me, so I took my complaints to a Verizon dealer in the local mall.

As it turns out Verizon dealers in malls are not required to have a personality, be polite, or even look you in the eye unless you are buying a new Blueberry.  After pulling up my account I was informed the only thing I could do was use my upgrade to get a 2 year pricing plan price on a new phone and/or pay $50 to get my phone replaced by Verizon, not the insurance company.  To upset my situation even further I was astounded to find that Verizon doesn’t even offer an inexpensive phone anymore.  For a phone with basic picture and text messaging you had to pay around $100 WITH a 2 year plan.  Outrageous, especially how I was just treated by a man who spent too much time in a salon.

Are you bored yet? If not, then read on to find out how I argued with a Verizon store’s actual manager on duty about getting some phone, kinda cheap, without signing another agreement.

The moment I entered the Verizon store I was bombarded by the manager on duty trying to act like she cared, but really just sign me up for another 2 year plan.  It was after 45 minutes of arguing that she finally conceded that they offered 1 year plans and that I could actually have my phone replaced for the $50 fee and a $20 service charge.  Apparently the price just keeps going up depending on who you talk to in customer service.  I reluctantly agreed to this charge, since I didn’t want to commit to another contract, and was told to see the manager in the service dept.

How To Get A Free New Phone From Verizon

It’s amazing, but I was immediately informed by the manager in the service department that my phone qualified to be replaced FOR FREE!  He informed me that most of Verizon’s phones come with an extended service plan that state if the phone were to have a malfunction within your contract, they will replace it with the same phone for free.  For free, did you hear me?  No need to sign another contract, no need to pay nickel and dime games for service fees, only walk in, transfer your contacts and here is your new phone nothing attached.  The polite gentlemen behind the counter informed me that Verizon insisted on keeping it’s customers in a working phone while they sere under an agreement.  Of course a salesman isn’t going to tell you this.

Verizon Customer Service Sucks

I asked the Verizon service manager if every Verizon kiosk would be able to tell this information from my account.  I was informed that it’s clear as day on your account, pulled up on any Verizon computer.  I feel that I was lied to, misled, and abused for several hours by Verizon’s customer service just so they could try and bully me into an extended plan or new phone.  Maybe when my contract is up in August I’ll be looking at what AT&T has to offer.

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Global Warming Caused The Earthquake In The Midwest

…at least that’s what Todd Wellemeyer of the St. Louis Cardinals thinks.  It’s gotta be embarassing to the Global Warming crowd to think that he just represented all their ignorance in one fail swoop before the Cardinals and Giants game tonight.  I mean, Global Warming effecting the 08 Earthquake is laughable and shows the roots that Global Warming enthusiasts have.  Somehow it’s our fault every time mother nature strikes out and they use that guilt to further their platform.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, but claiming that Global Warming, which is still not proven, caused a 5.2 Earthquake makes me want to yuke.  That puts Wellemeyer on par with that fruitcake Tom Cruise.  Furthermore, if one feels so guilty to know that Global Warming caused a 5.2 Earthquake and subsquent 4.5 tremors, do you actually take full responsibility to change?

It’s my biggest problem with the Global Warming crowd, they claim and instill guilt and fear that Global Warming is caused by humans and will bring the end of the world. Are these same individuals so entrenched in their beliefs that they quit driving to work, quit using a clothes dryer, quit using hair spray, only buy earth friendly clothing?  How about not drinking bottled water, since that’s been proven to produce more green house gases from spring to mouth than any car could. I doubt they do and it’s this blind following of a crazy Al Gore that makes my blood boil.

How about we start using a little common sense with doomsday beliefs. Let’s step back and take a look at how long humans have been on this Earth and realize that there is no way we can control mother nature, one way or another. And for Christ’s sake, let’s play ball.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to my many tine’s on the net:

  • Friends at V7N
  • Friends at DP
  • Libbs at Reddit and Digg
  • My Wife and Friends on MySpace/Facebook
  • The pic sharing fiends of Flickr
  • and the kitties of Icanhascheezburger

Now, if you will excuse me I need to get to the store to get my wife a valentine’s day card or at least something. I wonder if they have any chocolates left at Wal-Mart, I try to be as romantic as possible.

Cinema Gouging

My wife and I used to go to the movies almost every single week. We love movies, we love seeing them in the theater, the experience, everything. One of the best parts of going to the movies was getting a taste of the previews, to see what we could look forward to in a few months. That ‘good point’ about going to the movies has now been bastardized, at least on a local level.

Last Saturday I went and saw the new movie Cloverfield and mixed in with the previews were national ads for shit I could care less about. An ad for Musinex sinus medicine, the Marine corp, something else, and something else…I was so disgusted. I’m a paying customer who has already paid a fee for seeing a movie which may or may not be good, why am I being subjected to advertising at this point?

Maybe I’ll get a discount on the price of my ticket since the Cinema owner just whored out my eyes.

Nope, I still paid $9 per ticket and a $8 for a coke and popcorn. What a rip. Am I the only one who is outraged by such senseless advertising and selling of ones soul? I’m strongly considering boycotting the local theater because of this, but it looks like there are no alternatives in my city. It’ll go on and it’ll just get worse, because no one speaks out, especially since no one is listening.