Moola Cashout Bonus

Today I received my first Moola cashout bonus for my referral network. In case you haven’t heard of moola, check out my previous posts.

It’s a very intersting flash game site that you can earn real money. Well, apparently someone in my referral network cashed out and I received a fat $.20 into my account. Freakin Sweet!

If you’d like an invitation to Moola, simply leave a comment here with your email address. A word of warning, you must be a resident of the US to play, sorry.

1and1 Hosting Package

Whoa, as Keanu Reeves would say, 1and1 hosting just sent me a welcoming package via snail mail. Now I’m not as seasoned as some of the webmasters out there, however I have used and am currently using more than one hosting provider.

As of today I have had experience using, HostGator, and most recently 1and1. Bar none my experience with 1and1 thus far has been heads and shoulders above the others. HostGator I dropped within the first 30 days because of their lack luster support attempts. has been providing me hosting for over a year now, but I’m still not 100% satisfied.

The 1and1 care package is simply amazing, especially for users new to the hosting scene. The packet details my coverage, contains a welcome letter, and a small book that details everything I would need to know about their control panel. It’s only been about a month since I’ve been using them, but so far props to the peeps at 1and1, I may be switching all my hosting over.

I mention all of this on my own free will, but I also noticed that they are offering an affilaite program as well. Any friends of nails that are looking for some very inexpensive hosting and great service be sure and sign up through my referral link. 😉


Nails Blogitive Review

Like most, I’m a happy blogger that has discovered the benefits of joining such programs as, Blogitive, and soon to research My thoughts and opinions regarding Blogitive are one from start to finish, from accept to paypal deposit.

Their service is very easy to use and I find that their reviews of posts are extremely liberal. Recently some posts in the official blog have indicated that their Advertisers felt they were a little too liberal, so they have increased requirements. While the methods are easy, their site is cumbersome and a pain to decipher when accepting offers.

For example, when you accept an offer you are greeted with a press release and the requirements for the posting. The press release and requirements are jumbled up into one .txt output with no formating. Therefore when your reading the requirements and press release there are no paragraphs, indentions, or even identification from one to the other.

Once you navigate through the accepting phase of Blogitive it is only a short time before your post is reviewed. Out of 6 paid postings I found that each was reviewed within 12 hours of my submittal. To expect any more would be unreasonable, considering the amount of bloggers they have working for them.

Blogitive Offers

Unfortunately Blogitive is struggling to keep enough advertisers in que for their bloggers to post for. This translates into long periods of time without offers to earn $$, which is why we all signed up. I’ve gone for periods of 1 month without receiving one solitary offer and this is checking the cue on a daily basis.

When there are offers to accept they are typically about the same old spammy thing(Think Forex Trading, insurance, and Gold). Spammy offers makes it difficult to work a posting into a decent personal or even topical blog(I use different blogs for my Paid Postings, not this one.). Every offer I accepted from Blogitive paid a flat $5.00 per post.

Blogitive Payment

Payment was as promised, each deposit was made into my PayPal account every week. The only draw back was that the payments were made via eCheck, so it took another 2 weeks before the payments actually cleared. While this was frustrating, it was only a minor annoyance and I was receiving payment for my services.

Being paid every week, despite the 2 weeks to clear, is better than’s payment policies. The need to wait a full 30 days before payment is made makes it less gratifying. However, once the payments start coming in, it will only be a matter of keeping your plate full.

Blogitive Summary

This site has tremendous potential, I believe the paid-to-post market is just beginning. Consider the advantages over treaditional link purchasing methods or the dreaded PPC forumula.

Once Blogitive gets a steady que of advertisers it will become a success. However, if you go and sign up today don’t be surprised to find no money available. Eventually, with advertisers and a more user friendly site, you will find the gold at the end of the rainbow.

PayPerPost Pros

If you read my blog at all you know that I take part in certain paid blog posting programs. That is I will write a post specifically advertising a product, site, or basically anything for an agreed amount of moola. There are two services that I use exclusively, and and the latter being the easiest to use with the most opportunities.

Recently, PPP redesigned their user panel and now features a list of the top earners amongst the program. Although the PayPerPost program is still in beta, the top earner is has now broken the 4 figure mark. The top earner as of today is Colleen with a whopping $1,030.51 since the site launch….remember they are still in beta.

This is extremely promosing for anyone signing up, because anyone can do it. As of now, with a total of 3 posts under my belt, my payout is up to $30. Not bad for spending a few minutes here and there. If I worked it out I’m sure the hourly rate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 per hour. 😉

LikSang Affiliate Program

LikSang’s affiliate program came very highly recommended, but I have yet to find out why. For starters, their system is extremely bulky, using the same interface customers would have…there is no separate control panel. And their banners, garrr, are horendous.

It’s unclear to me, at first glance, whether or not they allow deep links. That is, I’m allowed to link directly to the item I’m interested in affiliating for. Most of the time it appears your linking to what they want you to sell or the homepage. However, the focus of mys ite I’m using is very specific to what I’d be able to market. Although, it may all be null and void seeing the commissions they are wanting to pay.

When I first signed up it appeared that I would be receiving +10% on all referred sales, but it doesn’t look like this is true. I contacted the affiliate program support people in regards to a few topics; deep links, preorder affiliate workings, and banner concerns. After 2 weeks of no response I sent out a second email, this one with a second email tag in the subject. After 2 days I finally received a response back from their lackluster affiliate support people.

I would only be receiving 2% commission on the consoles that I would sell. You have to be messed up to think I would promote such a large item for such a small fraction of commission. In addition, they neglected to answer my other questions with just an assurance of that I’d get paid. Sounds like another case of cheap outsourced customer service reps.

The short and the long of it is, LikSang has terrible customer service (affiliate side), terrible marketing tools, and low low low commissions for console sale referrals. I believe I will take my possible LikSang console referrals elsewhere, perhaps local. Hopefully others have better experience with this company, because I have heard positive things…just not from my mouth.

Weblogs, Inc.

A little over a year ago, I would have laughed if you suggest I start or operate a blog…on any subject. However, lately I’ve seen the power, traffic, and attention a quality run, topical blog can receive. I’m not referring to my boring and undesirable personal blog, rather a blog covering a niche topic like

Being a good web-marketer, I did my research on the competition on there and what it would take to get more coverage. Upon my surfy travels I noticed a long list of blogs in the side bar of AdJab. All of the blogs listed in the Weblog network are owned by a handful of individuals and the content is all outsourced. A quick visit to will explain the entire methodology behind the successful franchises.

I know I’m not the best writer, nor the most creative, but I do enjoy wasting away time in front of the PC. So, the hell with it, I applied to be a writer for their network of blogs. My application was made with intent to write for a video game blog, to help market my Wii site. I’ll keep everyone posted here as to what kind of reply I get to my sample work and application.

Moola Acct Detail

Last night I received my first statment from the highly popular flash game site What makes it interesting is how pathetic I play the most simple games, its a good thing this site is free.

Current Acc’t Balance $2.59 Highest Acc’t Balance $ 3318.57
Total Games Played 14 Most Games Played 7308
Win/Loss/Tie Record 9/2/3    
Highest Level Reached 10 Highest Level Reached 17
    Largest Single Cash Out Redeemed $ 1350.00

Pure unadulterated BS, I should at least be around the $10,000 mark by now…I’m so disappointing.

More Moola

I’ve enjoyed playing the online flash games of, but lately, it’s just caused my blood pressure to rise. It seems everytime I get to a point where I can cash out, I get beat and lose the loot. Not only does this happen, but it happens in a stupid unpredictable way.

For example, the other night I won approximately 5 games in a row, only to continue losing at the same game 5 games later. How is this possible, how can I go on so long and then lose so many in a row? Yes, this is a rehtorical question.

I don’t want to be greedy with my losings either, therefore if your interested in losing free money playing cheap flash games, then ask for an invite. The site was nice enough to bless me with 4 more invites the other day and I have yet to give them out. To receive these invites simply leave a comment on this post with your email and it will be sent just as soon as I see the comment.

Becoming a Guru, pffft

I’m always on the look out for money making opportunities on the internet and when I find them, I try to post them here. For the most part I feel that my adventures in online endeavors has been successful. Currently, I’m earning a substantial “PT JOB” worth of earnings per month, only doing the things that I enjoy….playing on the net.

Tonight it was suggested to me to check out, because it was right up my alley. Apprently it’s a site, auction style, which enables you to bid on jobs. Some jobs are simple, such as filling in excel sheets, all the way to building and marketing a website. Sounded almost too good to be true and it was.

The site appears to be free all the way up through the registration process, until you attempt to search for a job. Once you begin searching through the 100’s of jobs listed, you realize you must upgrade to bid on any of the decent ones. Seemed fair enough to me, they want to keep spammers out and a nominal fee is typical of such a site. What I didn’t expect was their high prices.

Because I only do this for fun, experimentation, but take it seriously I was not willing to spend upwards of $80 per quarter just to bid on a job. By purchasing this Guru membership you were not guaranteed a job, nor were you even guaranteed payment by the employeers they let in. Merely, purchasing their guru membership enabled you to bid on the jobs listed.

Not all of the memberships were $80 per quarter mind you, some were in excess of $99 for categories such as Website guru and design guru’s. If you were interested in the categories accounting or telemarketing however, it was only $29.99 to sign up. Christ, this just does not seem doable at this point in time.

I will do some more research and see what others have to say about this online freelancer “dream”. There may be more than meets the eye, kind of like transformers…but first impressions left a stale taste in my mouth.

Blogitive Post Decline

For those of you following my blog you know that I take part in a blogging program where advertisers pay you to write about them. The process consists of you including certain achor text with the link to their site. The rules are simple in terms of length, age of blog, and quality, but the last few I submitted kept being declined.

After a little frustration I finally contacted their support department. To my surprise I received a very fast response.

The reason my posts were not being accepted was because I had too ‘many’ links to the site in question. Not only would I link to the site in regards to their anchor text, but I would also link to their homepage, with the basic page title as the anchor text. Apparently, your post will be declined if you have more than the required links in your post.

When making a post for Blogitive, be sure to only include the minimum required amount of links, otherwise it will be declined. I’m now 2 posts accepted and have 10 more dollars in my wallet thanks to a speedy support rep.