The Pirate Bay…Hoax?

I still find it very difficult to believe that the Pirate Bay was raided, at least in the sense that they let on. Having any sort of law enforcement come in and just start ripping out servers seems a little far fetched, but I’m just a simple person.

After doing some checking I found out that the day they were raided this year was damn close to the exact same date they played a hoax a year back. But, what of the protests supposedly going on in Sweden in response to the Pirate Bay and other sites being taken down. Are these protestors making a scene because of an elaborate hoax or are they justified in their rantings?

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The Grayline Is Growing

The Grayline is finally starting to gain some traffic, but unfortunately I’m finding it increasingly harder to post any sort of quality content. Therefore, as usual, I am looking for writers to help fill TGL with p2p content.

The articles can be based on news, rumors, or nothing more than opinions, as long as it has to do with p2p. Keep in mind that p2p is not just bittorrent, but newsgroups, ED2K, RapidSharing, and even Grouper.

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Anyone down for Blogging

Blogging has been a fad for too many years now, so what is it? Is it a virus, is it useful, or is it just another way to force people to listen to what you have to say? It really doesn’t matter, but something that every new blogger runs into is finding people to actually visit their blog. That’s right, I’m talking traffic and lots of it.

If you need help finding traffic, then I suggest checking out BlogMad. Through BlogMad you simply view other peoples blogs and as such you earn a credit. For every credit you have you can use it to ‘buy’ views to your blog. Neat concept and fun to do, I found some friends on that network and some enemies. Nevertheless, it’s worth a peak if you haven’t already.

Moola Invites for Nails Friends

Ok, I think I’m finally starting to get settled into my new home here. Therefore, as a surprise I am offering Moola invites. I only have three, so leave a comment soon to get the goodies.

If your not familiar with Moola, it’s a phenomenal new website where you can earn free money. By simply signing start out with a penny($.01). With that penny you buy into a simple flash game where you wager that single penny. You continue to wager that penny at each flash game, against another human, and each time you win you double your money!

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