Shopify Abandonaid – Abandon Cart Application

Find out more information on the abandon cart app for Shopify, Abandonaid. This $10 app per month comes with reporting and simple setup.

Abandonaid on Shopify

It’s been 6 short months since I’ve switched my main eCommerce store over to Shopify from my self hosted WordPress store.  Overall it’s been a very pleasant experience that I would recommend to most anyone.  Just don’t do what I did, start sooner rather than later.  But as you grow, you start trying to capture all the small little sales you might be missing, which lead me to Abandonaid by Coolence.

The application comes with a free 7 day trial, which I am currently utilizing.  To install, simply visit the Shopify App Store page and hit the install button while you are logged into your store’s admin.  After authorizing it to install on your eCommerce page, you then authorize payment of $10 per month, immediately following your free trial period.  Should you chose not to use the Shopify App, just uninstall before the 7 day trial period ends and you should not be charged.

Abandonaid SettingSetup is very straight forward, as it’s accessed just like any other Shopify App, in the Apps tab of your Admin panel.  There are very few settings that need to be adjusted and can be ran directly after installation with no work on your part.

Abandoned carts are automatically emailed after a set time frame of either 1 or 24 hours.  The email sent can be modified to say exactly what you want.  I personally modified the email to be more personal and include a 5% incentive coupon for them to come back and complete their order.

Abandonaid also tracks the emails sent out and the ones that are recovered in a nice little chart.  This way you can gauge exactly how effective the application is and how much money it’s making you.  The cost is just $10 per month, which is less than upgrading to the next tier of Shopify(to get Shopify’s abandon cart software), if you are on the lowest tier of their service.

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