Switching Theme And Thumbnails Aren’t The Right Size

When switching WordPress themes it’s always a good idea to regenerate thumbnails. There is a plugin that will help automate this process and keep thumbnails consistent across your entire theme.

regenerate wordpress thumbnails

I recommend changing themes on your website at least once per year.  It keeps the creative juices flowing and will help renew your interest in a project.  One problem with changing WordPress themes is that different sized thumbnails may be required, depending on the theme layout.  Changing a theme will not necessarily change the size of the thumbnails, based off of a set ‘featured’ image.  Thankfully, there is a plugin to help with this.

To resize your thumbnails, for a new theme, there is a plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails.  This WP plugin will force a regeneration of your featured images thumbnails, to allow consistency throughout your new WordPress theme.

Running the Regenerate Thumbnail plugin will take some time, especially if you have a lot of images like I do.  To regenerate the thumbnails for 1200 images on my server took almost 30 minutes.  I have a fairly fast VPS hosting package, so expect longer if you are on a shared hosting plan or a lower tier self hosted option.

Once the plugin has ran, enjoy a more consistent thumbnail image across your entire website, not just on new posts.  This will make transferring to new themes an easier and more enjoyable experience.

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