New Google Shopping For Merchants

My experience with using the updated and new Google Shopping for Merchants. This change effectively costs me more money in advertising costs, yet has not yielded better or more conversions.

Google changed the way merchants interact with their Shopping search, which translates into more money and fewer conversions.  Google Merchants before the change were able to submit their stores products and have them listed, without a fee.  However, now there is a fee for each click made within the Shopping categories of Google and on the Shopping results that show up in standard search engine results.  I’ve noticed the same amount of traffic, same amount of conversions.

Working specifically in my niche, all the users who had items listed before Google Shopping went paid, are still around.  So it’s not like the competition pool dried up.  Basically on my end no benefit has been made, other than my advertising budget has went up to get the same clicks I was receiving previously.  To help soften the blow, Google did offer $100 in free advertising through their paid product placement listings within the search engine results.  Not worth it.

I suppose time will tell if it’s simply a seasonal down swing in conversions or if the new percentage is here to stay.  The change was so noticeable that I feared I may have lost all of my organic rankings or price points, not so.  Virtually all other factors are the same, just more money out of pocket.

Google MerchantsWhat can I do to ensure my feeds are qualifying for the best prices?

I’ve made sure all of the data that I submit is quality, confirmed by the Merchants dashboard.  In addition, I update at least twice a month, and adjust pricing when necessary, so I’ve never been dinged for having price points that do not match.  In addition, I provide multiple pictures and provide quality images that can be used within the Google Shopping requirements.  My items are priced competitively and I have a fixed shipping cost.  So what other options do I have?  I’m open to suggestions on how to improve my product listings within Google Shopping and more importantly lower the cost to me for when visitors click those pretty image links to get to my site.

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    1. I agree, I never was happy with the changes. Although I’m not sure it’s completely dead yet, I just wish I’d occasionally get some free clicks. It would seem a big portion of my SEO efforts were snuffed and now I have to spend money for the clicks.

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