Building an Amazon Store with Premium Press

I’ve been using PremiumPress for the past 3 years for one of my physical product resale websites.  It has some weaknesses, that really only started showing their nasty heads once my business started to grow.  Now, this year, with over 1,000 transactions, it’s straining.  But I don’t blame the software itself, I blame the fact that the creator has refused to upgrade from 6.xx to the newest 7.xx version.  Meaning the only way to use the new and improved and more versatile 7.xx versions is to do a fresh install.  No thanks.

So, today, I started playing around with building a new website where I would affiliate for Amazon products, specifically 3D TV Glasses.  Going through the motions of important products directly from Amazon, tweaking layouts, and adding some content will give me the opportunity to practice with the latest version of Premium Press.  So far, I’ve been wildly impressed, especially with the ability to import products.

Premium Press offers the ability to search, from within the WP-Admin panel, for keywords on Amazon.  The search results will be presented, complete with description and pictures, for you to simply choose ‘Add to Store’.  Once clicked a new post is created with the product, including description and pictures.  This ability to add products and categorize through searches makes building the website a much cleaner and easier process than other software products I’ve tried out there.

[quote type=”center”]Premium Press automatically checks for updates on Amazon and adjusts the pricing on your website on the fly[/quote]

Amazon Shopping cart is also built into the Premium Press WP Theme.  This means that visitors can peruse through your website, add items to cart, and finally check out once to  All you have to do, once site is built, is market, check your analytics, and cash the Amazon checks.  Don’t worry about keeping those prices changed either, Premium Press automatically checks for updates on Amazon and adjusts the pricing on your website on the fly.  Check out how store front professional the category listings are with my LG TV Glasses listings.  The category layout can also be changed to be a gallery listing, as opposed to the layout I’ve choosen.

Worried about SEO, don’t be.  You can effectively make your Amazon Store, built by Premium Press, just as search engine friendly as any Word Press blog.  I personally use YoAST Search Engine Optimization plug-in.  It provides me with more than enough options to appease the Google Gods.

As for the Word Press Theme itself, it looks beautiful and ships with no less than a dozen slider friendly themes.  The theme used on my 3D TV Glasses website actually uses the default theme, only thing I changed was the logo.  After some tweaking, removing some ads, and importing my products, it sets where it is as of this posting.

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