Google AdWords Automatic Payment Declined

[ad#toppostleft]Had a first this afternoon, apparently Google AdWords notified me that my bank denied the credit card on file for automatically making Google Adwords payments.  This denial of payment immediately put my currently running ads on pause and put my account in default until action was taken.  So, I immediately contacted Fifth Third Bank to see what was going on.

According to 5/3 Bank my they authorized the transaction and confirmed that the payment had went through.  After a brief conversation I also confirmed that my account was in good standing and there was no reason to put my account on hold, all transactions have been authorized and would be so in the future.  Keep in mind, this account has used the same payment method for over a year, payments going off without a hitch every month, but now supposedly declined.  Time to call Google.

I’ve never called Google before, so I was concerned my experience would involve being on hold for hours and get someone who’s accent was difficult to understand over the phone.  Thankfully, neither of my perceptions were accurate, I actually spoke with someone within 2 mins and the person was fluent in English and spoke knowledgeably about the issue I was having.

Unfortunately, the customer service rep at Google I spoke with didn’t have an answer for my problem.  His best suggestion was for me to wait 24 hours, without offering any other solutions.  After pressing he agreed to send me an email to reply to, which I was instructed to send proof that the transaction went through.  The bigger problem, my account remains paused until this issue is rectified, unless I want to risk being double billed and add more forms of payment.

Anyone else gone through this problem with automatic payments being denied in their Google AdWords account?  Think it will work itself out in the next 24 hours?  I guess we will see, I’ll update back here.

4 thoughts on “Google AdWords Automatic Payment Declined”

  1. Well, it didn’t seem to work itself out. My bank apparently can’t tell the difference in Authorized and Non-Authorized payments, so I just reapplied my credit card and things seem fine now.

  2. I really wanted to invest in Google adwords but currently I can’t afford it so I better save and start working on it as soon as I got my target budget for the adwords.

  3. Adwords has been really profitable lately for me. It takes awhile for the costs to settle down and page value to increase. However, once it does, it works beautifully.

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