Persons Unknown Forum Launch

I’ll admit, I was a Lostie and since that show as went off the air I’ve been left wanting, perhaps that hole can now be filled with the show Persons Unknown.  I was late to the game with LOST, having not seen episode one until 3 years after it started.  Thank God for Netflix, because I was able to get caught up and watch the series finale live.

This time I decided to jump in head first, so to speak, and create my own Persons Unknown forum to stay on top of the show.  I lucked out and got an awesome domain name and built the forum off of the phpBB forum software.

I’m still trying to decide if I want to use phpBB SEO or leave the default links in place.  For the most part, the most popular TV show forums on the web, dont’ even bother with SEO friendly urls.  I’ll have to do some thinking about this one and the time/cost benefit of keeping things updated and fixed.

The show itself, Persons Unknown, debuted last night with the first Episode.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, albeit an obvious rip off of elements from LOST.  I’m just hoping that Persons Unknown has just as long as longevity as LOST.

Visit my Persons Unknown Forum

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