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The Google Blog Search powered Incoming Links widget on the dashboard of my WordPress blog is no longer functioning.  This has been going on for a few days now and I know I have links, although it shows none.  I’ve verified incoming links because I’m getting ping backs and interlinking amongst my own blogs as well.

Perhaps this function is broken because of a change in Google Blog Search or in the latest update of Word Press.  I can’t remember if this just started happening around the time of upgrading to WP 2.8 or not.  Either way, it was a nice feature to have, especially when said blogs weren’t pinging and were just mentioning your posts in passing.

No Links
No Links

4 thoughts on “WordPress Incoming Links”

  1. My blog is relatively new, been around for about 4 months now. The incomming links section on my dashboard has never shown anything. I haven’t looked at the code behind the widget yet. But I am wondering what Google service does it query for the information?

    I know for a fact I have backlinks, I have seen the referals in my logs. But still nothing shows.

  2. Jon, it’s not working at all and I suspect it has something to do with Google changing an API with their blog search. This blog has been around for years, with a metric crap ton of backlinks..but sometimes it will show one backlink, sometimes none.

    Go figure. I’m sure next update it will be working again.

  3. It appears broken on our site as well. I also tried using blog search with the command “link: oneprojectcloser.com” and got 0 results. I suspect the problem is deeper than a Google API update and probably is a bug in the code serving up the backlinks query. ’tis a shame, since its the primary way we bloggers know who’s talking about us.

    Thanks for actually posting on this. Gave me a place to write my comment 🙂

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