Paid Off, Exiting Debt

Last summer I paid off my F150 pickup truck and then last month I paid off my Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Well, yesterday I went and made the second to last payment on my Dodge Durango.  It feels amazing and without a doubt I wouldn’t be where I am without the affiliate income I earn on the internet and the motivation my 18 month daughter brings.  Of course, also, I would be lieing if I didn’t give credit to Dave Ramsey.  But more on that later in the post.

In total, in just vehicles, not including other debt, my wife and I have paid off more than $30,000 in debt.  Every check I wrote felt like a stone had been lifted from my shoulders.  The vehicles feel different when I drive them now and they look just a bit more shiny setting in my drive way.  Never again do I want to go back to a vehicle payment, to become a slave to the bank.

My wife is in agreement with me, we will never go into debt to purchase a vehicle ever again.  Furthermore, we have been working to remove ourselves from debt all together and the goal is within sight.  Other than the mortgage on our house, we intend to be debt free by the end of 2009.  This long journey started with the planning of my first child and has now continue 18 months later into a way of life.  As mentioned previously, listening to Dave Ramsey and reading what he suggests has been a great motivation and inspiration.

What I’m Currently Reading

Last week I went to the library and checked out Richest Man in Babylon, per Dave Ramsey’s recommendation.  Although I will typically only read nonfiction, this book has been a great way to solidy ideas I already have.  It’s an easy read, straight forward, simple sentence structures, and everything written holds true today as the day it was written.

Are you looking to get out of debt?  Do you want to know how others became successful or why those who win the lottery almost always eventually go into bankruptcy?  This book will get you started on how to build wealth, by eliminating debt, and keeping what’s rightfully yours…your income.

This post was not meant to gloat, because I know how fortunate my family is.  But now more than ever, it pays off to be frugal and focus on eliminating that slave feeling to your lenders.  I’m proof positive any happy spender can turn over a new leaf and become debt free.  Hell, I haven’t even used a credit card in more than 18 months.  It’s a lesson that has made my work life that much more rewarding and my wallet smile.

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