Affiliate Espionage Update

One of the most useful plugins for FireFox that I’ve ever purchased, Affiliate Espionage, has been updated today.  There were some much needed bug fixes and an overall improvement to the plugin that allows you to spy on other peoples advertising campaigns.  Furthermore the update includes an increased ability to scan and tell if the landing page for an ad is indeed an affiliate website.

A list of Affiliate Espionage Updates:

1) Greatly improved the Landing Page Scanner to detect more
affiliate sites (it’s not 100% accurate) but it is A LOT
better than before.

2) Included over 50 affiliate networks under the “Ad
Network” tab in the control panel.  Simply pick and choose
the networks you want to scan for.

3) Fixed bug with “Successful Advertiser” feature that
displayed inaccurate calculations

4) Added improved support for international characters in
keyword lists

5) Fixed issue with Proxy Server option that conflicted
with Firefox’s proxy server settings

6) Fixed minor bug with license key registration not
verifying properly in some circumstances

7) Fixed bug with data not being overlaid on MSN and Yahoo
ads at the bottom of search results

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