The Ugly Truth About eBay Sellers

I’ve been spending more and more time focused on eBay, how it works, auctions, sellers, buyers, and more importantly helping someone get a small business to take off.  My experience also extends to an existing power seller, with over 4,400 feedback.  Everything that I see in regards to eBay I hate.

Here is a breakdown on the ugly Truth about eBay Sellers:

1. Every seller has multiple people that they associate with, which they employ to bid up their auctions.  This allows the seller to start an auction at a low-low price, without worry of seeling it to a thrifty buyer.  Yes, getting a deal on eBay is a myth.

2. The only way sellers make money on eBay is to carve out a niche, make their money, and then get out.  As soon as a niche is found to be making money, it is immediately flooded with scammers, those willing to sell items at a loss, effectively destroying the market.

3. Sellers only sell crap on eBay.  Expect to pay the same price on eBay as anywhere else if you intend to buy a quality item.  Everything else is just junk, crap, items that people can sell in a typical brick ‘n mortar for fearing of being laughed at.

4. The really big sellers on eBay will give items away at their cost, to destroy competition.  They also don’t pay their employees jack and rely heavily on a manufacturers ‘rebate’ at the end of the year.

It’s a bastardized marketplace that used to be such a wonderful outlet for actual online garage sales.  Furthermore, I feel that back when I originally signed up(Feb 2003) I was not concerned with being scammed.  Now, it’s both buyers and sellers scamming anyone who takes the time to ‘try’ and compete with the power sellers.

No thanks, count me out.

2 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth About eBay Sellers”

  1. Hi,
    My husband and I got screwed for over $78,000 by a e-bay seller. I wander if you could help me destroy this bastard. Where can I place this info that will attract the most attention and save people a lot of grief.

  2. Wow!

    That’s some serious jack there Paula. Let me do some consideration into this.

    But first of all, what did you buy for $78,000? Or rather, how were you screwed over?

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