How To Find Your Adwords Quality Score

Adwords is a phenomenal and arguably the best PPC advertising medium currently available.  It’s easy enough anyone with 5$ can get started, but advanced enough to meet any veterans needs.  Adwords operates on auction style pricing, meaning those who bid the most for keywords get highest placement, more visability, etc.  However, an individual ads pricing may need to be higher based on an ads quality score.

The qualitys core is described by Google as a dynamic variable, which takes into account many on page factors (your ad landing page) to determine keyword relevancy.  The more relevant the landing page is to the keyword you are bidding on, the lower your bid must be to gain placement.  There is an easy way to find out what your Adwords Quality Score is, for each individual keyword within your Adwords campaign.

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Select the campaign, then select the ad group for which you’d like to see keyword Quality Scores.
  3. Click Customize columns at the top of Keywords tab in the ad group table.
  4. Select Show Quality Score from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Done when you’re finished.

For more official tips on maximizing your Google Quality score and finding out the official Google word, please view their Quality Score Help Page.  Getting a high quality score is extremely important to get low cost bids on keywords to maximize the ROI for any campaign.

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