Does Anyone Still Use Google Chrome?

Oddly enough I’m writing this post using Google Chrome, but only after I put on my french maid outfit and dusted that Chrome icon off. To be honest, since it doesn’t offer any quality Add-Ons as of yet, it’s fell by the wayside. I’m surprised that Google hasn’t done more to encourage developers to create Chrome Add-Ons, at least in any capacity to compete with FireFox.

Searching for a solution to the Chrome add on problem I did come across a site called My Chrome Addons.  This site is the closest thing to a repository of useful tools for Chrome as it gets, but seems to focus more on themes than actual tools that increase user experience.  In it’s raw form Chrome has yet to do anything that FireFox can’t do better.

Furthermore, it’s just not as stable as originally advertised.  Well, just typing this post it’s crashed on me completely, not just a few functions.  I’ve never had any problems using FireFox, in regards to stability, other than it’s wildely free roaming memory consumption.  Hell, this many revisions later I’d hope they would have that fixed by now.

As mentioned previously, I am writing this blog post in the Chrome browser, but it almost feels unnatural.  Generally when researching blog posts I’ll have multiple FireFox windows and tabs open.  Chrome doesn’t offer one-click opening of multiple instances of itself.  So for now, Google Chrome will remain a novelty icon, a program I dust off every so often to see if any progress has been made.

Google Chrome Logo
Google Chrome Logo

9 thoughts on “Does Anyone Still Use Google Chrome?”

  1. I hesitate to use even upgraded versions of Chrome, since my last experience using it (first version) left my computer compromised; have they fixed the security issues beyond all doubt?

  2. I use chrome for everything!
    I like it’s simple sleek, layout, and the general simplicity in doing everythin.

    one question – what do you mean when you say “Chrome doesn’t offer one-click opening of multiple instances of itself”?
    Just click the little plus sign beside the open tab, or hit ctrl+t (windows, obviously. I there even a mac version of chrome??)

  3. By one-click instance I’m referring to actual new ‘windows’ not ‘tabs’. I hate scrolling to see tabs so multiple windows is the only answer, for me anyways.

  4. Google chrome today is the best thing in the browsing arena. Internet explorer is gradually fading from the people’s mind, (at least mine), the smoothness of google chrome is just commendable. It is clear that IE just can’t stand against chrome.

  5. Hi Checkers, I’m not sure the argument is the competition between IE and Chrome. No doubt Chrome is worlds better than IE, but my concern is that it’s not holding it’s own against FireFox.

    Damn’t, I need addons.

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