Top 5 FeedBurner Feeds

I know there is nothing hardcore statistically correct about my method for finding the top 5 FeedBurner feeds, but I found the information interesting nevertheless.  To be honest I’m not sure if the list contains the most subscribers, highest page rank, or search volume, but Google seems to think these are the top 5 feeds worth subscribing to.

  • Adventure Sports – No subscriber feed listing number of feedburner subscribers but he does have a FeedBurner email signup, RSS Icon, Google Reader, and Bloglines subscription chiclet.
  • My Way The Entrepreneur Network – Again, no listing of how many RSS subscribers, but the site does offer Kindle, FeedBurner, and FeedBlitz RSS subscription Icons.
  • Rede WebTuga – Site is down, notice of the future home of Rede WebTuga Feedburner Network.
  • BizJournals – They offer two locations where a user can subscribe to their feed, simple text, and then bright orange RSS button and box above the content.
  • The Conservative Blog Network – Network of various blogs, usually displaying simple RSS buttons and an email signup.

Unfortunately I don’t feel like I really learned anything from the list above, other than the power of having an email signup to subscriptions.  Obviously this will offer 2 benefits, one you get more subscribers and a way to get your updates directly to their inbox, where they are more likely to check everyday…unlike some Readers that are used rarely.  Second, you are starting to build a list of emails that can be accessed via FeedBurner and used for other marketing purposes.

Now, what value does being on the list above have to the site owners…probably none considering any searches will result in actual blog pages being found.  However, it’s still neat to see what’s most popular out there in the eyes of Google.

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