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First, thanks to the CEO of Auctiva for having a pair and calling me direct on this, it does say something about the character of the owner.  Second, this post will be reserved for further insight into the Auctiva business practices that have been reported to me, with the hope that case studies will become available so that I’m not considered just a blogger spouting lies.  Lord knows I don’t have the pocket book for that and also have what some would consider morals.  If what I find is completely contrary to what was originally reported on Auctiva, yes, an apology will be written.

Lastly, to whom it may concern, threatening a person willing to work and listen to you is just bad business practice and frankly makes you look like a dick.  Check in your support department, I’m the one who called you back.

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  1. I think Ebay is going to have to respond eventually. If they have negotiated lower rates then affiliates will eventually find out that there are better affiliate opportunities with other related affiliates. I can only hope number three will come true, who knows how much money I’m losing to stolen cookies. I earn about $600 a month with ebay, what if it was half???

  2. Well Andrew after some more reading amongst the forums and what EPN managers have said about Auctiva, I don’t think they will be removed. However, there is some debate on the methods they are using and an outcry still may happen.

    I mean, just by viewing the auction they are not going to get the cookie stuffed, however if they click on an image hosted by Auctiva, then follow another link from Auctiva to eBay then it (cookie) will replace the last one. I’m not sure how much of this I actually believe, but I think some actual tests are in order. But first, christ they need to fix their reporting methods.

    I’ve verified on more than one occasion by eBay reps that there is a tracking error that they are working on. Further than that, I gets no info.

  3. They are not stuffing cookies. You get the cookie by clicking their link, viewing their stuff, then clicking a link back to eBay. It’s when you click the link back to eBay, you get the cookie set. This is not different that how any other affiliate sets it.

    They have a huge advantage because they can over write another affiliates cookies after they have been sent to eBay.

    eBay has already responded and is not going to change anything because they are not violating the terms since it’s not “cookie stuffing”

    Since auctiva is a larger company with a legal department, glad I’m not the one saying their stuffing cookies.

  4. I’m not worried about their legal department either ebaydude, if you notice my comment RIGHT above the one you just placed you will see my clarification. Furthermore, if you look when the post was actually written you will see this was reporting on speculation, not facts, and I was discussing what could be done if it were really going on.

    Please, quit jumping to conclusions on the post title alone, you have heard of SEO right?

  5. [edited to save face of the commenter and possibly myself till further facts are found]

  6. “I’m not worried about their legal department either ebaydude”, why did you remove your original post then?

  7. Not trying to stir up shit, just making a point.

    You seem to be a pretty decent blogger, and I have nothing against you.

    There are so many bloggers out there that post anything about everything no matter what it is even it it’s just plain wrong.

    If you read my first post, I pointed out that your blog post was wrong. I did this because as and eBay affiliate I don’t like auctiva any more than anybody else. I think they have a very unfair advantage in getting our hard sent traffic.

    I think it’s important that if we are to do anything about it, we as affiliates at least need to get our stories straight and on the same page so that eBay just might take a second look at it and realize just how much traffic their affiliates do drive to eBay.

    I’m glad you took down the post because that will prevent the many newbie’s who happen upon your blog from the eBay forum and then turn around and repeat it thus diluting the real problem.

    On another subject, enjoy your cute baby now and relish every moment. Before you know it you will blink and they will have grown up on you.

    My daughter had her 12 birthday yesterday and it seems just like yesterday she was a cute little rug rat crawling around on the floor. Now she’s a preteen with an attitude to go with it.

  8. Thanks for the reply ebaydude. I think a lot of what my original post was geared at was the initial accusations toward Auctiva and several people have contacted in regards to potential ‘issues’, that are no longer taking place with Auctiva.

    My biggest beef is that they are taking visitors ALREADY at eBay to an external site, then once they click back to go to the auctions they are embedded with the cookie. I’m not sure what value that has to eBay considering they were already on the site, interested in buying a product. Every auction using Auctiva is a free advertisement for them, considering all the links thats produced with their templates/widgets back to their site.

    I agree there is a lot of misinformation floating around the eBay EPN forums, particularly with the tracking going on right now. I’d like to see less of it as well.

    Thanks for the comments on my daughter and trust me, I’m already feeling like she is growing up too fast. Sorry if I came off confrontational, your comments are appreciated, it’s just been a rough month…not even including the Auctiva topic.

  9. Has the recent ‘quality’ issues at ePN made any difference to this situation?

    IIRC ‘pink steve’ was saying round-trip tactics were going to be banned.

    PS: BTW, good blog 🙂

  10. I hope Auctiva get’s removed completely from earning any revenue directly from any eBay affiliate source. The fact that they take existing customers, already on eBay, off and then send them back with their link adds no value.

    Furthermore, there was a message on the EPN forums reportedly saying that Auctiva was sending out emails to buyers on eBay…EVERYTIME THEY PLACED A BID. Needless to say there are privacy concerns, spam, and other issues, not to mention just a cheap way to get their affiliate link placed yet again.

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