How Does A Kangaroo Keep Cool

Oddly enough my regular forum surfing led me to the new Google Hot Trends. Today, it would seem the subject is how Kangaroo’s keep cool. So, how does a kangaroo keep cool? For most questions like this I turn to Wikipedia, since I’m not a marsupial, and I don’t live in a Kangaroo infested location, I need to rely on outside information.

According to our friends over at Wikipedia, a Kangaroo’s efficiency in a very hot and dry climate is directly related to their hopping. For every time they hop, their lungs are expelled of air and when the recoil, for landing, they are filled back up. This leads to more efficient use of their bodily fluids, less energy is expelled, and the kangaroo will keep cooler because of this.

Is this the definitive answer for ‘how does a kangaroo keep cool’? Probably not. Will it result in higher hits to my blog today, according to Google Trends? It’ll depend if people are searching for Kangaroo answers through the blog search. Most of my visitors should be searching for Kangaroo in Tampa and Orlando, Florida, however a few visitors will undoubtedly show up from Atlanta, GA.

6 thoughts on “How Does A Kangaroo Keep Cool”

  1. my regular forum surfing also led me to google hot trends….which in turn led me to your blog post as google hot trends displays blog search results on their site. so you may get a big more traffic today.

  2. from France ending on your website, crawling the web with no purpose, following the “hot trends”.
    anyway thanks for the info about kangaroo’s cooling system.

  3. From France? Well that wasn’t my supposed target search market.

    At any rate, thanks for coming by and more importantly leaving a comment. 🙂

  4. Also came from the Google Hot Trends page (thanks to a news article) and I hail from the good old United Kingdom!

    I guess you learn something new everyday but I would have never have even thought to look up the answer to this if I hadn’t seen it on the Hot Trends page.

    Thanks for the info, Wikipedia never fails! 🙂

  5. Cool Tom, thanks for the comment. I’ve seen quite a bit of traffic today from Hot Trends and I’ve been testing a few different types of posts.

    Findings are very odd and promising!

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