Xbox Live Rehash

Well, I never received a call back from Microsoft in regards to my Xbox Live Gold account being banned from using a credit card. Therefore I simply went out, bought a prepaid card, and went about my business.

Also, celebrating finally getting my account back, I rented an HD video off of the site. No review just yet, but I can tell you I was downloading on a 10MB line for 6hrs and was only about half way done. I know I wasn’t downloading at max speed, since the file size was only 6gb, it shouldn’t take that long.

2 thoughts on “Xbox Live Rehash”

  1. Excellent, now if i may ask, how exactly did you get your account back, because the same thing is happening to me

  2. I just ended up going to the store and buying a prepaid time card. If you keep your eye out a lot of times you can get one for under cost on

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