Has the PR Update Begun?

I’m sure for most this morning it’s old news, but it looks like Google is shaking things up again. The Q1 PR update may be incomplete, effect old domains, new domains, whatever…the rhyme and reason is unclear at this point.

Also, it looks like propagation is slow or Google is just testing the waters. What a great way to start of the New Year, than with the PR update announcement. Personally, only one of my sites have been affected, but it’s still early on.

PR Update posts at DP:

PR Update StartedĀ 

I See PR ChangesĀ 

And I’m sure many more will start surfacing as anxious webmasters roll out of bed. Personally, I could care less, but the ruckus is still fun to watch.

2 thoughts on “Has the PR Update Begun?”

  1. Hmm, blog changed to a PR0 from a PR4…interesting. However, I have more backlinks from quality sources than ever…

    Just goes to show that things are being shook up, but not really with any rhyme or reason.

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