Xbox 360 Gets Warranty Upgrade

Xbox 360 Extends WarrantyHey, for those of you who do not know, I’m an avid gamer. Currently residing underneath my 42″ LCD TV is a GameCube and Xbox 360 and soon a Nintendo Wii. In addition, I was one of the first people in my area to get a hold of an Xbox 360 when they released over a year ago.

If you remember back to November of 05 your thoughts would be filled with hopes for the next-generation system. These visions of sugar plums quickly faded once you heard the terrible feedback from the first batch. Over-heating, freezing, and other annoyances plagued the 360 and Microsoft agreed to fix the DOA appliances. However, such an expensive entertainment tool only carried a short warranty, so get it fixed while you can.

90 days was the only warranty offered by the manufacturer, Microsoft, although you could purchase extended plans from places such as Best Buy. A lot has changed in the year gone by, including the release of 2 more next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Both of these systems offer a full 1 year warranty from the manufacturer at no additional cost.

In response to the longer warranty, at no additional cost, Microsoft has announced that they will be warrant their console for a full year. In addition, this is a retro-active warranty that will effect all owners of the system. If anyone had any work performed on their system, within the 1yr of purchase, they are entitled to a refund for labor/parts from Microsoft.

Rejoice and if you have had any problems with your system contact Xbox Support.

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