Hi-Def BBC Programs

Zudeo HomepageHi-definition programing is quickly catching on to the masses. The prices are falling, therefore opening up the market to a whole new era of distribution. Often times the difference between a basic 30min program and a hi-def version of the same show can be up to a GB or more. Obviously distributors are looking at ways to curb the bandwidth usage and their bottom line.

The BBC are looking to be one of the first to utilize P2P technologies to distribute hi-def programing. Although the BBC will be using your bandwidth to distribute their products, the service will still not be free. No pricing structure has been announced as of this posting.

What shows can you look forward to in Hi-Def?

  • Red Dwarf
  • Dr. Who
  • League of Gentlemen
  • Fawlty Towers
  • others…

How do you get BBC hi-def?

The BBC will be utilizing Azureus software Zudeo. This program allows the sharing of large files, such as Hi-Def shows, via bittorrent. Reportedly, the BBC specific content will be available on their own channel and allow users to comment and rate different episodes.

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