Playing along…

I’m usually the person to break a forward and have everlasting bad luck for the rest of my life, but this time I’m gonna play. Yesterday I received note that I had been blog-tagged(not to be confused with bag-tagged) and I needed to post 5 things about myself others might not know.

Thanks for the tag Mrs. Bailey. 🙂

1. I quit smoking 1 week after getting married. Still clean, which others thought I couldn’t do and I’m on month 4 at this point.

2. I’d rather drink my mothers warm urine from a rusty bucket than play a board game.

3. I think racial profiling is a good thing.

4. My house received some damage a few months ago due to flooding. My house is not in a flood plane and the city I live in has already received over 20″ above normal rainfall. No flood insurance. 🙁

5. Although tentative, my 5 year goal is to earn enough from Adsense and Affiliate Sales that I will not have to work for someone else, ever again. I set this goal 4 months ago and it looks like it will be sooner than 5 years. 😉

I’m willing to bet these people will not follow suit, mainly because I’m too lazy to PM all of them like Cricket did, but maybe they will see me in their stats. Just maybe.

Ok, now I need to tag a few peeps to keep this viral seobs rollin:  Cass Knits, irregular, bullet proof, webpuffs, wonova

5 thoughts on “Playing along…”

  1. It’s easy Blonde Jon, simply tell us 5 things about yourself, that others may not know. Once finished, simply link to and tag 5 other bloggers.

    As you can see, it’s not necessary to notify the blogger…most should pick the link up in the stats. 😉

  2. Wait, I read this post again… I got it. I will write 5 things about myself that others may not know about me and I will tag 5 other people. This is kind of a fun game, not to mention a nice jesture of link love. 🙂

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