Private Registration Promo

I hate, I hate, I hate my personal information leaking onto the internet…no matter what medium it chooses. I hate the fact that I need my personal information to use PayPal and especially when I register a domain. However, it’s possible to hide your personal domain registration details if you choose the right options.

Currently almost all of my 18 domains are purchased through the registrar, which seems to offer the cheapest options and the easiest check out process around. In addition, they accept PayPal, which is where most of my earnings come in from my websites anyway. 😉

Typically your costs are broken down into 2 separate transactions, one for the registration of the domain name and two for the price of private registration. Remember, private registration keeps prying eyes off your home address/phonenumber/etc… Private registration can run anywhere from $1.00 to typically $1.99 on godaddy except when the offer promos. Guess what I’m offering my visitors?

When placing your order simply add this promo code into the appropriate field: gdh1031

This promo code will get you FREE private registration when your purchase 3 or more domains. So, technically I’m saving you guys $6.00 USD and registering 3 domains is easy, when you get carried away with ideas. lol 😉

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