Text-Link-Ads Problems

This afternoon, roughly 30 minutes ago I received an email stating that my Text-Link-Ads.com stating that they were having problem accessing the advertising code on my blogs. This message also confirmed that it had not communicated properly for the past 48 hours, therefore was being removed from their inventory.

Typically, this would not matter, but I just started selling some of my inventory. My concern was that my sponsors would back out and it would be another wait before I sold space on Text-Link-Ads.

For those of you who are not aware of their program, Text-Link-Ads.com sells text links on your site. Your site is added to a searchable inventory and managed accordingly. Text-Link-Ads splits the sale with you 50/50, so if a link spot was sold for $14 per month, you would actually only earn $7.

In addition to providing a great text link market, they also have a phenomenal affiliate program. For every publisher or customer that’s referred, TLA pays out a flat $25. So far I’ve been quite successful with their program and I’d recommend others to check it out.

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