Fixing Line Through Post Title

This theme has been absolutely phenomenal and covers everything I’m looking for in terms of a good wordpress theme. However, there was one problem with it’s layout, on multiple posts during the day it would cause the post titles to be crossed out by the dividing lines. I’ve came up with a simple fix.

First, make sure your theme files are writable, so that you can edit them through the dashboard. Next, find a section of code in the Main Index Template that looks like this:

After this line simply add a paragraph tag:

Now there only be slight spacing between daily posts and there will be enough so that multiple post titles are not crossed through with the dotted line. I hope this helps and is satisfactory to the other theme users, if you have any questions please post here.

2 thoughts on “Fixing Line Through Post Title”

  1. the code mod here to remove post title overlap issue with the dark gray theme seems no longer to have its images to explain the fix ? or is it just my web browser ?

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