Great Source of CSS Templates

Finding quality templates on the internet is easy, but finding ones that are free and unique is not. On occasions I will come across templates for WordPress and other website layouts. Today, I found one that truly stands apart in ease of previewing and downloading.

Get a mouthfull, do some downloading, and create a new site. You may notice I’m using one of the owners themed templates on my Wii blog.

2 thoughts on “Great Source of CSS Templates”

  1. I need some help with the Asktheseguys wordpress theme..
    I can't figure out how to get the header and ad bar at the top to go all the way across the screen.. Or better yet, how I can place an ad box in the empty space at the top right.
    I can usually figure this stuff out easily, but can't find anything in the CSS that will make it work..
    Anyone have any ideas?

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