What’s in a Torrent Site

I noticed a thread at my favorite P2P site The Peer Group, which was basically a rant for a site banning a certain client. What upset me was the fact that the author felt there was a need for another thread about this. And, to make matters worse they answered their own questions and explained the reason for the ban in their own post.

Private torrent communities are owned and operated by owners, it’s not a democracy. There was a saying that I distinctly remember hearing when I was 15 turning 16 and about to get my license.

Having a drivers license is a privlage, not a right.

I think this applies to private torrent communities. Don’t bitch, just abide by their rules or move on.

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Torrent Site”

  1. Ronaldo38741 had a very good point in regards to loyalty between a tracker and a client.

    A site is a community, a haven for trading files, a place where like minded people get together to share and chat about the areas that interest them.

    Are you really expecting people to be loyal to a *client*?

    How very, very true.

  2. True enough. If your isp said that you could only use your internet connection between 2pm and 10pm you wouldn’t get a discussion on it you’d either bend to their rules or have to find a new isp.

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