P2P Donations, the Controversy

For the advancement of almost any idea or product requires money. I’m not saying that someone has to get rich, or even make a solitary dollar of profit, but money is needed nevertheless. The biggest money eater is the hosting fees that sites must endure to provide you, the users, with the warez you like to download.

All to often do I come across forum posts of people ranting about sites asking for donations. What’s the big deal? The alternative would be a public tracker, with popups and ads on every single page. Money is needed and if you enjoy a service you should donate to further the cause, end of story. To take, take, take, and never give back is leecher idealism.

The p2p world is held togeth by a thin gray line called community, thus the success of private communities. There is something to say about the feeling you get when you are seeding 2:1 in a private community as opposed to leeching off of a public site. What’s the value of such a feeling? Hopefully, at least a few dollars to keep the site going.

So please, people, don’t complain. Embrace your community of choice and help out wherever possible. Passing the buck along to someone else will only last so long, a large community needs everyones help.

One thought on “P2P Donations, the Controversy”

  1. I think part of the problem is that users of torrents want things for free.
    Until they see a community go down through lack of fund or become staff on a site thay believe that all things torrent are free so wont dip into their own pockets 🙁

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