Blog Blogitive and earn some $$

Blogitive is the latest marketing idea that is meant to bring bloggers and advertisers together. Blogitive has created an interface where advertisers can place offers on the table and then potential bloggers and either accept or reject said offer. The interface is actually extremely simple and really only takes a moment to start earning some revenue.

The advertisers offer typically consists of a keyword, page url, and a press release. As bloggers, our job is to write a 2-3 paragraph article about the press release and the site making the offer. The keyword must be used in the article along with the url provided, this is especially important.

Having the keyword linked to the given page url is important to advertisers because it helps them to build ranking in SERPs(search engine rankings). Not only do they get exposure for you blogging about their product or service, but they also get the benefit of having a link back to their site. By building these backlinks sites help build their ranking in search engines for the keyword that they initially requested in their offer.

Once you have completed an advertisers offer, you place the permalink in the form provided and hit submit. It’s that easy. It typically takes 1-2 days before your article is actually reviewed and accepted then payments are made on a weekly basis to your paypal account.

I can honestly verify that I have received payment of $10.00 for only two postings about Blogitive. The potential is there to earn a few extra bones per month, once they accumulate more advertisers. However, for now, only 1-2 offers are made every month because the site is still in Beta Stage. Be patient, sign-up early and reap the benefits.

BTW, I don’t use NailsBlog to do the advertising posts. I prefer to keep all of those to my Dead Man Blogging affiliate blog. 😉

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